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sam. queer as fuck. genderfluid or genderqueer or something. they/them pronouns. really fucking angry anarchist. read the about me before asking questions.

polyamorous, gray-asexual, and panromantic. don't fucking ask me if I'm a boy or a girl. I'm not either.

webcam model. queerpunk extremist. fuck apathy, passivity, and ignorance.

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why would u be straight. love urself


Model: Kohcoa
Mua: Tenelle Viera
Stylist/Designer: Gary Cruchar of Soft Lines
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My best friend est ‘06

Forever est ‘06 

I think I found a fucking place to live

Holy shit.

darlingbexy replied to your post “.”

so sorry life’s been rough lately. :( you are very strong&powerful. <3 hope things get better soon.

thanks, bex. <3 hopefully, tomorrow everything will be okay and I’ll have a place and I can start taking care of myself for real.

I’m gonna make another blog for me to reblog all the pretty pictures and shite without it taking over my political blog

thedebonairgentlequeer replied to your post: .

*hugs if you consent* you will make it through.

*hugs* thank you. maybe by tomorrow, I’ll have somewhere to sleep for a few months and that will be amazing.

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