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sam. queer as fuck. genderfluid or genderqueer or something. they/them pronouns. really fucking angry anarchist. read the about me before asking questions.

polyamorous, gray-asexual, and panromantic. don't fucking ask me if I'm a boy or a girl. I'm not either.

webcam model. queerpunk extremist. fuck apathy, passivity, and ignorance.

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Anonymous asked:
Hi comrade, since you got a bunch of rad piercings I may need your expertise? I got my septum done a few days ago by an amateur friend and now it's ultra swollen (inflamed, pus). Since I don't have health insurance, I only save going to the doctor for total emergencies- is this an emergency? Should I just take it out and clean it? Has this ever happened with one of your piercings? Eek I'm so scared this has never happened to me before :( Nice sunglasses btw

Sup nonny! Okay, here’s my advice. I’ve had piercings in my face over and over and over, and I live a pretty spontaneous lifestyle, so incidents have occurred and I’ve gotten some really nasty infections before. Personally, I refuse to take my piercing out and deal with it the best I can. 

Here’s my recommendations if you choose to keep it in and want to fight the infection. Clean it with anti-bacterial soap and water, using a q-tip, every day, twice a day. Twice a day, do a salt wash. Get a bowl of water, make the water as warm as you can possibly make it, and put enough salt in there to make it taste like tears, basically. Soak your piercing in that for 10-15 minutes, then rinse it off. Take ibuprofen to keep swelling down. DO NOT TOUCH IT WITH YOUR HANDS. Wash your hands before you even go to clean your piercing. Don’t let anything touch it. Keep this up and it should go down after a week. If it hasn’t gone down at all after a week, then I’d recommend getting some antibiotics for it. Infections are pretty damn common in the piercing world and can be taken care of pretty easily, just stay vigilant with the cleaning and the salt soaks and it will be okay. :D

And thanks!

Anonymous asked:
Help me? I'm 22, never dated anyone before. But I've always wanted to, I'm just not one to settle I guess. Anyone I was born male, but I really love woman's clothing and long hair and delicate features. I can't picture myself man or woman. What am I? I'm so confused and I get so much shit from my family I just wanna die. How can you be so sure of yourself? When did you discover you weren't what everyone wanted you to be?

Sorry it took me a while to get to this, nonny love. 

When I was really, really young, I told everyone that I was a boy. I dressed as tomboy as I possibly could. I thought, I don’t think I’m a girl, so that means I have to be a boy. A few years down, and I tried to reinforce my “inner femininity” and center myself in being a girl. I couldn’t do it. It just felt weird. I couldn’t quite put my finger on it, couldn’t quite figure out what the hell was going on, but it sure as hell was not okay. I didn’t like being called a girl, but I also didn’t like being called a boy. I preferred being called a boy because it meant that I wasn’t a girl, but it wasn’t right.

After a long time, a lot of internal stress, and a long journey of self-education, I discovered the genders, haha. I started identifying as genderqueer, feeling like the umbrella term was good because I couldn’t quite explain, to myself or anyone else, what the hell that meant to me entirely. But it was enough for people to stop calling me a girl. Or, at least, for the most part.

Now I realize that I have no clue what I am. And while at one point that might have scared me, I’m confident and content in the knowledge that my gender is an experience, a journey, an accumulated lesson, and my inability to explain or express it right now wasn’t bad. It’s just me working through who I am. And that’ll take some time. My gender identity has become a beautiful thing to me, because I realize I’m not restricted by two options. I don’t fit neatly into anyone’s categories, and that makes me happy now. My gender is nebulous and immense and always changing and beautiful and fluid. So while many people around me might not get it, and thereby not respect it, that doesn’t matter to me. Such a beautiful and powerful thing as my gender identity can’t be understood by everyone, but that doesn’t make it less valid or worthwhile. It’s just too amazing for narrow-minded people to comprehend.

So, that mindset is why I’m so confident in who I am. 

Anonymous asked:
My family is so full of bs. My mom and I lost the place we were living at and temporarily moved in with her sister and her nieces (my aunt and cousins) but it's like their fave pastime to gossip about my mom and what she is and isn't doing about finding a new place to live and it's just so draining listening to this almost everyday while I'm here and she's not. Constantly reminding us that we're not wanted here and it really really hurts cause they forget when we were the ones to help them out.

ugh, I’m sorry. I hate family drama and bullshit. one of the reasons I moved out so early on in life, I really just can’t handle family dynamics for the most part. it’s stressful and aggravating. and sometimes it can be like permanently living in a middle school hallway. can you tell your aunt to stop being such a bitch or will that result in y’all getting kicked out?

Anonymous asked:
i need to get on HRT asap before i go to school so that i can pass, so that i don't face harassment, but alll of the doctors in my state are gatekeepers and i won't be able to start until im eighteen. there's a minimum amount of therapy sessions and a min amount of letters from doctors and i cant afford any of it. i doi dont want to be here anymorent want to do this anymore.

please stay strong, baby. I know how fucking hard it is to not be able to present the way you want to present. I’m so sorry you have to deal with this shit. please, please just keep pushing. you’ll be 18 eventually, and you can get a job and you can ask tumblr for help with your HRT bills and there is always a way. you’ll get it someday, please just keep pushing through your days until you can get there. I love you. I’m sorry you have to experience this. you don’t deserve it. come talk to me any day, all the time. I can give you my skype name and you can come talk to me thru there any time you’re feeling down. I’ll be here for you, okay?

mostmodernist replied to your post: anonymous asked:What city are you…

kinda weirded out by anons asking where you live tbh… if they really want to help you they should show their face

yeaaaaah it is a little weird. but it’s listed on my faq. people should check that before asking me stuff.

Anonymous asked:
I wasn't asking you to post it for free, I was saying that you offer one as something someone gets only if they donate, like, "Donate [x] amount of money and I will send you one."

eh, I can kind of dig it, but I really don’t want that to be a thing on my tumblr. just on my camming sites, honestly. 


Guys, my friend Sam has been put into a really shitty situation and could use your help.

Basically they’re facing homelessness due to a recent break-up and need some help finding a new place. Plans for an apartment fell through, and the owners kept their deposit, so now they’re out $300 as well. From what was recently posted, Sam is now looking for a room to rent out and any monetary assistance is greatly appreciated. They have a donate button on their blog, and every bit helps.

Sam is a very sweet person, and is on their way to getting where they need to be. So please, if you can, go to their blog here and donate, or reblog this to signal boost.

thank you so much for this, love. you’re incredibly kind. :x

Anonymous asked:
I wish I could help. I'm in south Florida but that's a ways away. =/

it’s okay! I really do appreciate your willingness to help me. :)

Anonymous asked:
I really hope you get on your feet soon, I'll give you some $ when I can :(

thank you sweetheart. please don’t donate if you’re in a tight situation yourself and donating to me will make things harder on you. <3

what the fuck

yeah -_- my anons are always asking for me to post topless pictures